SOPHIE project

Since ancient times, human beings have interacted with the ocean, drawing many benefits from it. The ocean can help human health in many different ways, but it can also pose risks, including flooding or pollution.

This complex interweaving of threats and opportunities interacts in ways we have yet to fully comprehend. Research on these relationships is the basis for an up-and-coming scientific discipline called “Oceans and Human Health.”

The SOPHIE project (Seas, Oceans and Public Health in Europe) will bring environmental and marine researchers together with social researchers, doctors, public healthcare professionals and other experts to tackle these complex issues in one single forum.


Since 2017, we actively participate in this project, and one of its main objectives is to nurture a network of people and organizations interested in the links between oceans and human health, exploring how marine tourism and citizen science can contribute to this area of research.

Different actions were kicked off under the framework of this project to raise public awareness of issues related to oceans and human health. Some of the activities carried out under the SOPHIE project include: workshops and citizen science, mapping evidence, strategic research agenda and identification of future environmental, social and economic trends, debates, regulation reviews, and more. 

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This project is funded by the European Union Horizon 2020 program.