Metropolitan Dolphins

Metropolitan Dolphins was born in 2012 as a joint project between the Environmental Department of Barcelona City Council and SUBMON. The project aims to be a platform for citizen participation with the objective of collecting information on dolphins and other marine vertebrates around the costs of Barcelona, to be used in the fields of environmental communication and dissemination, as well as in different research activities of the entity.

Metropolitan Dolphins has sought to be a meeting point for different users of the marine environment, sailors, fishermen and others who wish to provide and consult information on the sighting that takes place close to the coast. The objective has been to disseminate the value of our natural marine heritage and to highlight the importance that nowadays we can still share our costs with these great marine animals, thereby raising awareness and the importance of protecting these species among the rest of society. The platform is linked to an initiative of the SUBMON entity that promotes an area of marine conservation in the area known as “Maresme Canyons”, which includes the area of Barcelona.

Objectives of the project

The main objective is to establish the bases for conservation, study and dissemination to promote the importance of the ecological values of the metropolitan seafront, through participatory, innovative and educational activities with citizens. In this way, the concept of species of metropolitan interest and the concept of marine conservation are integrated into the municipal scope of the metropolitan area.

Specific objectives:

1. Implement a monitoring program for cetaceans, incorporating strategies for citizen participation and marine conservation.

By means of data collection and organized trips, on the one hand, to study the dolphin population, especially the bottlenose dolphin of the coast of Barcelona and, on the other hand, to educate and raise awareness in the nautical sector about cetaceans, their study and the importance of conserving their habitat. It will also allow us to increase the information available on the species present, which is important when it comes to implementing management measures in the area.

How do we do it?

  • Data collection sessions
  • Training workshops for maritime area user organizations.
  • Creation of a network of collaborators

2. To stimulate the involvement and collaboration of the fishing sector in the management and conservation of the area.

On the one hand, we want to involve the fishing sector in the conservation of the custody area by obtaining their support in the collection of data and, on the other hand, to obtain information on the problems caused by fishing activity on the fauna and to raise awareness in the sector.

How do we do it?

  • Surveys and discussions with the fishing fleet in the area
  • Joint work with fishermen in the search for cetaceans

3. Carry out awareness and conservation actions.

Carry out a campaign to publicize and disseminate the project in order to raise awareness of the natural values of the Barcelona seafront, especially the cetaceans, both among the public and the educational sector.

How do we do it?

  • Edition and distribution of leaflets with “good practices”
  • Disclosure and dissemination campaign
  • Educational workshops in the municipality