Message in a Bottle

The campaign “Message in a Bottle” challenged people to change their relationship with the ocean, no matter where they may be. The initiative was launched on World Oceans Day, June 8th, 2017.


Between September and November 2017, six bottles travelled six different routes throughout Spain.

Each route covered coastal and inland areas, raising awareness on the effects our actions have on the marine environment, no matter where we may be.

Initially, 50 participants signed up (schools, diving clubs, families, natural parks, a retirement home, etc.). In total, “Message in a Bottle” travelled 8,500 km, with over 10,000 people involved in more than 110 activities.

Participants carried out tiny actions to tackle the huge challenge of changing the relationship between Spanish citizens and the ocean. Actions such as choosing reusable bags and bottles instead of plastic, not throwing plastic down the toilet, cleaning beaches and/or rivers, etc., were some of the alternatives provided to participants.  Message in a Bottle stresses the fact that one person alone cannot save the planet, but all of us together can. The final ceremony was held at the CENEAM, where the six bottles came together once again. They remain on exhibition in their marine location.

Do you want to see all the pictures and videos? Please visit the “Message in a Bottle” webpage.

Message in a Bottle was an initiative inside the framework of Sea Change, an EU project funded by the H2020 program.