Marine strategy framework directive dissemination

Marine ecosystems are heritage to be protected, preserved and restored, to maintain biodiversity and guarantee healthy, functioning oceans. Marine ecosystems face many threats, mainly due to anthropogenic pressures.

To guarantee the protection and management of European oceans, the EU established the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (Directive 2008/56/EC). This European directive’s main objective is to reach a good environmental status for all of Europe’s marine environment by 2020, following a set of criteria and indicators for each one of the 11 Descriptors in Annex I to the MSFD.

The objective of the “Marine Strategy Framework Directive Dissemination” project was to create educational resources to easily share the Directive (Directive 2008/56/EC) at primary and secondary schools.


In 2016, the European directive’s 11 main objectives were adapted and turned into multiple educational files for all educational levels at primary and secondary schools.

A total of 10 educational files were created, both for students and for teachers, to facilitate Marine Strategy work in class. Anyone interested can download the project’s material, free of cost, on the website “Estrategias Marinas“.

This project was developed the support of Fundación Biodiversidad.