Inland Sea

The objective of the Inland Sea project was to bring the sea closer to rural schoolchildren from different inland Spanish provinces.


To reach this objective, in 2016 interactive environmental education workshops were conducted at rural inland schools, showing how important the ocean and its species are, as well as the conservation issues they face. These workshops targeted students aged 6 to 12, some of whom had never seen the ocean before.

Beyond speeches, the schools were also provided with educational resources exclusively created for the project to encourage them to keep working on marine subjects in class.

The total results for the project’s 3 editions were: 78 days on the road, over 10,300 km travelled, 103 rural schools visited in 18 provinces and almost 2,500 students.

All educational resources created for the project (teacher/student files and a marine species image bank) are available on the project website, where they can be downloaded, free of charge.

This project had the support of Fundación Biodiversidad (Ministry of Agriculture, Food and the Environment) and Obra Social La Caixa.