Crab Watch

Crab Watch is a citizen science initiative carried out as part of the Sea Change. This initiative explores how citizen science can be used as a tool to increase ocean literacy and scientific data collection.


Crab Watch will generate data for greater knowledge on native and non-native crab distribution (and how the latter affect the former) and collect information to support environmental management.

The Crab Watch project’s objectives are:

  1. To raise awareness of native and non-native crab distribution.
  2. To use citizen science to generate valuable scientific data that is freely available.
  3. To encourage people to explore and engage with the ocean.

How do we collect the data?

You can view our protocol  or this video.


You can also download our guide to identify crabs in the Atlantic and the Mediterranean.

There is also an application where you can find all the information. Download the app here!

You can also record your data here.

Crab Watch is part of the Sea Change project, which is funded by Horizon 2020 EU.