Beach and seabed cleanup

SUBMON’s team is fully aware of how important it is to keep the ocean healthy and clean.

Everyone can perform an important role and help to preserve marine ecosystems, reducing the amount of waste, processing it properly and participating in activities to remove it from the environment. This means that it is important not only to remove waste from the marine environment, but also to learn to classify it. This provides valuable data to help effectively process it and adopt responsible consumption habits.


Since 2008, we have organized over 20 marine environment cleanups. Additionally, we have actively participated in the “Let’s Clean up Europe” campaign since 2016. This is an annual event that promotes clean-up activities in European countries. Finally, we have participated in all the editions of the “Ultra Clean Marathon,” a sports initiative (marathons) associated with litter pick-up, to raise awareness of the amount of litter we can find in the environment.

This project was developed the support of of Fundación Biodiversidad.