Participate in our projects

Many of the projects and campaigns we develop at SUBMON need your participation. Would you like to collaborate?

Whale watching, fan mussel observations, volunteering, beach cleaning… in this space we tell you which of the projects you can currently help us with.

AHAB project

The project aims to identify and study sperm whales and other large cetaceans in the outer waters of Cap de Creus. Therefore, the comparison with any other observations you can provide us will be valuable.

Send us your sightings in the Mediterranean: date, position, species, number, hour, photo and other extra facts you want to highlight.

Fan mussel observations

Due to the mortality of this bivalve mollusc in the Mediterranean, every observation of a living species is more than relevant.

Send us your observation of every living fan mussel you find snorkelling or diving: location, date and depth.

Un mar sense deixalles
Beach cleaning

We have been organizing beach (coast and submarine) clean-ups for a long time. We currently focus on prevention and preventing waste from reaching the sea. However, we still have some projects where clean-ups are key actions, especially because of the awareness they allow us to achieve.

Sign up for the next clean-up and help us both pick up trash and raise awareness about this issue:

There is no clean-up scheduled yet

Metropolitan Dolphins (and other marine fauna near the coast)

For some time now, at SUBMON we have been recording data on dolphins visiting our coasts, as well as other animals whose presence is relevant, such as sharks, turtles and large pelagic fish.

Send us your sightings with as much information as possible. If you can attach a photo and with your permission, we will share it in our social media.


Volunteers are a key factor in the third environmental sector. Sometimes, due to the volume of office work or due to field work, we ask for the help of staff, who voluntarily lend us a hand.

In this section we will publish the application for volunteers as needed.

Want to join our volunteer list? We will notify you when there is a project that requires your collaboration:


Of course, economic donations are also a way to participate in our mission. The SUBMON team is working to raise funds for our conservation projects, and we have been doing so since 2008. Often, these funds allow us to do only a part of the designed work and that is why individual contributions allow us to carry out the entire project.