We develop projects to improve marine conservation and to promote a change in society’s relationship with the sea. We want to build a sustainable marine future.

Featured projects


We are part of this expert network for dealing with animals affected by marine wildlife emergencies.

Tramuntana Dolphins
dofins de tramuntana

Study and conservation of marine ecosystems in Cap de Creus with the collaboration of the fishing sector.


Educational project for the dissemination of marine Natura 2000 areas to secondary and high school students.

SCARS Project

Study of the distribution, abundance, and movements of the Risso’s dolphin population in the submarine canyons off the coast of Catalonia.


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 SUBMON Projects

We have been developing projects for the conservation, study and dissemination of the marine environment for more than 10 years. We have developed more than 250 national and international projects related mainly to the conservation of marine biodiversity, environmental education and awareness, marine stewardship and the restoration, improvement and mitigation of the impact on marine ecosystems.

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Your help is essential for the conservation of marine biodiversity and maintaining a healthy and sustainable relationship with the marine environment. The sea belongs to everyone, let’s take care of it!