How can your company collaborate with SUBMON?

“Companies Committed to the Sea” Club


Join the “Club of Companies Committed to the Sea” of SUBMON and be part of the community of the change that our oceans and seas need. Let’s build a sustainable marine future together!

The “Company Committed to the Sea” Club aims to create an alliance in which the Company and SUBMON provide complementary capabilities to the value chain of each organization, and which serves to develop products, projects and services, which could not be done separately.

The result of the established alliance will create both social and environmental value, and will focus on improving the state of conservation of the Sea and enhancing knowledge of the influence that the sea has on us and us on it.

In this “Company Committed to the Sea” Club, SUBMON seeks to find alliances with companies that have a real sensitivity to the marine environmental situation and also want to find a joint way of working to raise awareness of the relevance of the sea in our lives and redirect current marine conservation issues.

It should be noted the competence and the resources SUBMON can offer to these alliances, as a specialized knowledge on the sector, the legitimacy among users, civil society actors and administrations, as well as the access to specialized knowledge of the sector both on a large scale and at a more local level.

The club companies and SUBMON will complement the missing capabilities in order to complete the strategic and organizational models of each of them, and will be able to jointly create new and innovative multi-organizational social and environmental impact models.

These alliances will highlight the following strategic imperatives:

  • The innovative combinations of resources and skills between the company and SUBMON
  • The importance of strengthen trust in a new model of collaboration
  • The adequacy to the objectives of both organizations

Social participation

As a company, you have many ways to collaborate with SUBMON. You can participate in our projects and contribute by making a financial, personal or material contribution to the actions we develop. These are some of the activities we are currently working on:

Participate in the Ultra Clean Marathon

Join the race with your team and donate to SUBMON for the conservation of the marine environment

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Tramuntana Dolphins campaign

This year we don’t want miss the opportunity to continue working with dolphins and fishermen in the area of ​​Cap de Creus.

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Campaign: let’s give the seahorse a home

Seahorses are suffering from habitat loss and the effects of overexploitation of the Mediterranean Sea. Participate in this campaign for its conservation.

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Do you have any material or resources you want to give to SUBMON? Contact us!

Let’s create your awareness action

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Schedule a beach cleanup

You can help with waste collection and categorization. These actions, apart from cleaning the beaches, contribute to knowing the origin of the waste found and therefore, knowing what type of rubbish is getting the beach dirty.

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Support a marine space

As a company, you can promote and support the different local actions in which we participate and which aim to improve both the state of conservation and the use we make of these natural spaces.

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Create your natural route

Discover with your team the marine diversity that surrounds us. Learn about the conservation problems of coastal areas and become aware of the importance of their conservation.

If you want your company to participate in any of these actions or you have a different proposal, contact us: