CATaMARà: navigating the Catalan Natura 2000 Network


The CATaMARà project is a significant initiative in Catalonia that aims to strengthen environmental education in the region. We have created a digital ocean literacy program that connects the region with the Mediterranean Sea’s protected areas, following the Marine Natura 2000 Network of Catalonia as a navigation route.

Our awareness-raising resources encourage action for change and maintain a local perspective. We expect the participation of various social and educational actors, economic sectors, and public administration to bring the Marine Natura 2000 Network closer to the Catalan public.

The CATaMARà project is supported by the Generalitat de Catalunya.

The project

CATaMARà is a unique environmental education initiative that combines ocean literacy with both traditional and digital resources to engage diverse audiences.

This project aims to encourage participation from various social and educational groups, economic sectors, and public administration, thereby bringing the marine Natura 2000 Network closer to the Catalan region.

Understanding the significance of our marine natural heritage and its benefits is crucial in giving it the attention and space it deserves. However, achieving global objectives requires a clear roadmap and collective effort. Environmental education plays an important role in raising awareness and can serve as a transformative tool.

To make the project more accessible to the public, we have presented the project in different cities of the Catalan territory. We have also designed an information leaflet to distribute among the interested public, you can find its digital version at this link.

You may find all the dates of our presentations here:


  • 7th June: Palamós. Museu de la Pesca: Parc dels Països Catalans, 3. Hora: 17:45h.
  • 8th June: Escuela de Vilassar de Mar. Hora: 9:00h i 10:00h.
  • 9th June: Torroella de Montgrí. Museo de la Mediterránea: carrer d’Ullà, 31, . Hora: 17:30h.
  • 10th June: Llançà. Biblio Platja Llançà: Platja del Port. Hora: 10:30h.
  • 15th June: Tarragona. Sala de actos del Museo del Puerto de Tarragona: C/ Moll de la costa s/n. Hora: 18:30h.
  • 16th June: Rosas. Oficina de Turismo de Rosas: Av. De Rhode 77-79. Hora: 18:00h.
  • 20th June: Badalona. Escola del Mar: Rambla, 37. Hora: 17:30h.
  • 22th June: Amposta. Sala Ebre Km0- Oficina de Turismo de Amposta: Av. de Sant Jaume, 42-52. Hora: 17:00h.
  • 29th June: Sitges. Centre d’Estudis del Mar: Passeig marítim, 72. Hora: 17:00h.


  • 7th July: Vilanova i la Geltrú. Casa del Mar: Passeig Marítim, 63. Hora: 18:00h.
  • 6th July: Cambrils. Cancelada.
  • 12h July: L’Hospitalet de l’Infant. Casa de Cultura Blanca d’Anjou: Carrer de les Escoles, 12. Hora: 19:00h.
  • 14th July: Begur. Espacio Mas Pinc – Espai Polivalent: Passeig Carmen Amaya, 12. Hora: 18:00h.

10th June: “Llança‘t per la conservació” event

On World Oceans Day (8th June), we organised the event “Llançà’t per la conservació” to bring the public closer to the Albera Natura 2000 Network area and discover the marine biodiversity of the site.

This event was organised by SUBMON, in collaboration with Llançà Town Council, the SomMar association and EmpordaiNat (IAEDEN), and has the support of the Department of Climate Action, Food and Rural Agenda of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

More information:

CATaMARà 10 juny eventbrite

Project goals

The CATaMARà project aims to promote and raise awareness about the natural values of the Natura 2000 Network in marine and coastal areas of Catalonia, as part of the European conservation efforts.

Specific goals:

– To create a set of engaging and informative digital and printed materials for the general public. Through innovation and attractiveness, we aim to increase awareness of the marine Natura 2000 Network in Catalonia.

– To spread awareness about the values of the sites included in the Natura 2000 Network in Catalonia by creating spaces to share informative material in person.

– To encourage the local community of Llançà to take an active role in protecting the coastal-marine reserve of l’Albera, which is part of the Natura 2000 Network. This can be achieved through citizen science, education, and environmental restoration efforts aimed at safeguarding the natural environment.


As part of the printed resources, a mini field guide will be produced by Toni Llobet, as well as a series of talks along the Catalan coastline to explain the different materials and raise awareness of the Natura 2000 marine network.

To promote local engagement and facilitate change, the project will generate digital resources like maps and 360º videos. Additionally, citizen science actions and participatory workshops will be integrated into the project.

Download the summary of educational activities here.

Explore the Natura 2000 Network of marine areas in Catalonia and be sure to practice responsible tourism when visiting.

Discover the diverse marine life residing in protected areas by immersing yourself in the marine environment. Find all the 360º videos in the playlist provided here.


Get ready to confidently recognize marine species and habitats in Catalonia’s Natura 2000 maritime network with the help of this field guide, complete with stunning illustrations by Toni Llobet.

Explore the citizen science initiative, collaboratively designed with the residents of Llançà, dedicated to preserving the ecological richness of the safeguarded marine zone of l’Albera.

CATaMARà snorkel activitat ciència ciutadana

Join the CATaMARà project and become a guardian of the sea.

Join the CATaMARà project and become a protector of the Mediterranean Sea. We are dedicated to safeguarding the Albera marine area, and we invite you to join us in this crucial mission by signing the commitment to become a sentinel.

As a sentinel, your role will be vital in safeguarding this protected marine area. Your active involvement will greatly assist us in monitoring and preserving this valuable marine ecosystem.

By signing the commitment to become a sentinel of the Albera marine area, you pledge to:

  • respect and abide by the established regulations to safeguard this marine protected area and its surroundings.
  • act as a guardian of this area.
  • promote environmental awareness by sharing information about the importance of marine conservation with your community.
  • adopt sustainable practices in your daily life.

By joining our network of passionate sentinels, you will collaborate with others who share your commitment to protecting this marine environment and ensuring a sustainable future for generations to come.

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