Our main objective is to improve the relationship between society and the ocean to promote the sustainable use of the marine environment.

With four basic lines of action, which include different projects, we seek to develop and implement action plans to promote awareness and conservation to protect marine life.

In SUBMON we develop many projects for marine biodiversity conservation and our aim is to prevent the loss of biological diversity in Mediterranean areas and the Ocean in general.

SUBMON carries out environmental impact assessments, action plans and campaigns, makes legal improvements and draws up technical documents to improve the marine ecosystem’s situation.


Throughout education and a participatory approach, we aim that citizens who participate in our projects and campaigns develop critical thinking skills, environmental awareness and get empowered.

SUBMON conducts national and international events, involving different interested players in multi-sectorial debate spaces. The purpose is to develop interdisciplinary solutions that help to protect and raise awareness of different marine species.

SUBMON Projects