Carla Álvarez Chicote

Agronomic Engineer.
MSc in Marine and Coastal Ecosystem Mangement.
MSc in Oceanography and management of the marine environment.

Her professional experience

has been closely related to the conservation of the marine environment, through research and environmental communication.

After a year in Australia, at the University of Queendsland, for 5 years she was in charge of environmental education, communication and awareness projects. During that time she has developed educative strategies for habitat and species conservation plans, has worked directly with fishermen in cetacean and sea turtle conservation projects, and has managed an awareness team.

Since 2008

she is project manager in SUBMON, where she leads the field of bioacoustic research, including the development and implementation of protocols for the mitigation of impacts of the oil & gas industry on cetaceans.
She specializes in the use of passive acoustic systems (EAR, PODs, towed array hydrophone) and is member of the “Marine Mammal Observer Association”. She also leads a project of social involvement for the conservation and promotion of a protected marine area.