Our team

Jordi Sànchez SUBMON

Jordi Sànchez

Co-founder and Senior Project Manager

Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences; Diploma in Natural Space Management and Conservation. Member of the Catalan Association of Biologists, the Catalan Association of Oceanographers, the MedPan expert group, the Iberian Network of harmful algae and biotoxins, and an official expert for the Department of Justice specialising in marine life. Responsible for tasks involving underwater habitats, mooring buoy fields and compatibility studies with Marine Strategies.

Mariluz Parga SUBMON

Mariluz Parga

Co-founder and Senior Project Manager

Bachelor’s degree in Veterinary Medicine; Master’s in Wildlife Conservation and Clinic. Member of the SSC Wildlife Health Specialist Group, the Marine Turtle Specialist Group of the IUCN, the International Sea Turtle Society, and the European EUROWA Network. Responsible for tasks related to conservation medicine and involving marine turtles and fisheries work, as well as preparedness for oiled wildlife events.

Carla A. Chicote SUBMON

Carla A. Chicote

Co-founder and Senior Project Manager

Agricultural Engineer; Master’s in Coastal and Marine Ecosystem Management; Master’s in Marine Sciences: Oceanography and Marine Environmental Management; and Postgraduate in Environmental GIS. Member of the Board of the European Cetacean Society. Responsible for work related to marine mammals and their impacts, marine acoustics, MMO and MAP coordination, as well as data analysis and GIS projects.

Alex Bartolí SUBMON

Àlex Bartolí

Co-founder and external consultant

Bachelor’s degree in Biology, specialising in Animal Biology. Delegate for Spain of the European Elasmobranch Association and member of the SSC Shark Specialist Group of the IUCN. Responsible for consultancy work in fisheries and shark and ray conservation projects.

Eva-Flores SUBMON

Eva Flores

Co-founder and Head of Administration

Bachelor’s degree in Business Studies. Responsible for administration, finance and HR at SUBMON, overseeing the economic management of all its national and international projects.

Juanita Z. Pujana

Juanita Z. Pujana

Senior project management

Bachelor’s degree in Biology; Master’s in Marine and Coastal Ecosystem Management, and PhD in Environmental Education. She has extensive experience in managing and implementing projects related to conservation education, ocean culture, citizen participation and science communication at local, national and European levels. Her experience is closely tied to strengthening networks and producing innovative resources.


Andreu Dalmau

Senior Project Technician

Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Sciences; Master’s in Marine Sciences: Oceanography and Management of the Marine Environment; Commercial Diver. Member of the EUROWA Network. Involved in projects related to underwater habitats and associated species, preparedness for oiled wildlife events and marine environmental education.

Natàlia Amigó SUBMON

Natàlia Amigó

Project Technician

Bachelor’s degree in Biology; Master’s in Environmental Engineering. Member of the European Cetacean Society and the Spanish Cetacean Society. Involved in projects related to the study of marine mammals, their threats and impacts due to interaction with fisheries, as well as data analysis and GIS work, always applied to the conservation of marine mammals.

Tecla Maggioni SUBMON

Tecla Maggioni

Project Technician

Bachelor’s degree in Biology; Master’s in Oceanography and Marine Environmental Management; Master’s in Marine Sciences. Member of the Ocean Literacy Task Team of the Early Career Ocean Professional Programme (ECOPs). Working in projects related to marine conservation through citizen participation, dissemination and environmental education, with a particular interest in new technologies.

Dani San Roman SUBMON

Dani San Roman

Project Technician

Bachelor’s degree in Marine Sciences; Master’s in Marine Biology. Involved in projects related to the study and conservation of marine mammals, underwater habitats, and environmental education.

Sara Fernández SUBMON

Sara Fernández

Head of Communication

Bachelor’s degree in Advertising and Public Relations and Postgraduate in Graphic Design. Responsible for the Communication area of SUBMON.

María Verdugo SUBMON

María Verdugo

Project Communication Technician

Double Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Translation and Interpreting; Master’s in Corporate and Strategic Communication. Working in the Communication area of SUBMON.

Cristiana Scanu SUBMON

Cristiana Scanu

Social Media Consultant and Community Manager

Social Media Manager and Bachelor’s degree in International Studies, collaborating with SUBMON’s Communication area as a Social Media Consultant and Community Manager.

External collaborators

Julia-Vera-colaboradora1 (1)

Julia Vera

Graduated in Business sciences and MSc in Environmental Economy at the university of Amsterdam (Holland). After 15 years’ experience in the field of sustainability, she currently works as an international consultant specialized in Tourism, focusing both on the integration of sustainability as part of the criteria for strategic positioning and for management of tourist destinations, as well as on the development of products and tourist services linked to the “green” economy.


Sandra Andraka

Graduated in Biology at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and postgraduate specialisation in Rural Planning concerning the environment at the Centre for High Studies of the Mediterranean (CIHEAM). She has worked for over 14 years in Latin America’s marine conservation and fisheries management, in result-oriented processes, trying to construct participative solutions, and integrating public and private sectors.


Pere Artís

Telecommunications Engineer from the UPC, specialised in acoustics, noise and vibration. Accredits a solid experience of more than 15 years in consulting and training. He is currently the manager of Keacoustics, an engineering company specialising in acoustics. His interests include modelling underwater sound propagation, measurements, environmental noise pollution management, and acoustic monitoring networks. He is passionate about acoustics and participates in drafting legislation as a member of Telecos.cat and the Catalan Association of Acoustic Consultants.


Ignasi Nuez

Biologist and Master’s in Biodiversity management and conservation. He has collaborated on projects related to the study of cetaceans and the fishing sector of the Costa Brava.