NARVAL, a new low impact mooring system commercialised by SUBMON

on 15 de February de 2012

In order to help reduce the destruction of Posidonia seagrass beds, SUBMON has obtained the license to commercialize a low impact mooring system, marketed under the name of NARVAL®.

NARVAL® is a mooring system designed to be installed in sandy substrates with presence of Posidonia or other phanerogams. Its installation is respectful with the environment, and it has a low maintenance cost and high durability. It has already been successfully tried in Medes Islands and Portlligat.

Muerto de hormigón sobre Posidonia

Ancla con haces de posidonia arrancados

Photographs of the effect of a concrete mooring system on a seagrass bed, and of an anchor after having been placed on a seagrass bed

These systems are very resilient, allowing the safe and comfortable mooring of vessels, and can effectively replace two of the main causes for the destruction of large areas of seagrasses: concrete blocks and free anchoring.

Fondeo Narval de bajo impacto en Islas Medas

NARVAL® low impact mooring system located close to a seagrass bed

Together with the installation of these mooring systems, SUBMON also offers quick diagnosis to map seagrasses in mooring areas and fields of buoys, determine how many and which traditional mooring systems affect the seagrass, and stipulate whether to remove them, re-locate them or change them for low impact mooring systems.

Technical specifications can be downloaded here
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SubmonNARVAL, a new low impact mooring system commercialised by SUBMON