Marine stewardship: Setting the grounds to establish a European framework

on 14 de November de 2014

SUBMON and the Land Stewardship Network (XCT) co-organized a workshop in the framework of the Landlife Congress that was held at the CosmoCaixa (Barcelona) on the 5th-8th of November.

The main goals of the workshop were to define the first key points in order to create a European framework of marine stewardship, to present and discuss about the “Base Document of Marine Stewardship Principles”, as well as to identify the opportunities for marine stewardship at a European level.

Presentación durante el taller de custodia marina del congreso "LandLife"

The workshop was conducted by Miquel Ortega, director of Fundación Ent and was a 2-hour session with different short presentations on experiences with marine stewardship within the European framework. Thus, local experiences carried out in Greece or Catalonia pointed out how marine stewardship is a good conservation tool for habitats and species preservation. Also, some more global experiences were presented, giving a more extended European framework. You can see some of the presentations here:

VECTORS PROJECT – Laia Piñol (Leitat)

IONIAN DOLPHIN PROJECT – Joan Gonzalvo (Tethys Research Institute)

ECOSAFIMED PROJECT – David Díaz (Fundación Biodiversidad)

Implementing Marine Stewardship Strategies as a tool for marine conservation – Carla A. Chicote (Submon)

The main discussion lines were about how to establish the main principles of marine stewardship in a European level.

First, Miquel Ortega exposed an optimistic funding panorama for the inclusion of marine stewardship projects on a crucial moment for the planning of future opportunities inside de EU program of marine resources conservation.

Second, the panelists presented different points of view on how marine stewardship is a useful tool for marine conservation, through the involvement of society in marine ecosystem conservation or as an alternative way for EU legislation gaps or loopholes.

To finish, organizers launched the idea of beginning to introduce marine stewardship as an important tool in the marine governance.

Presentación de resultados del taller de custodia marina del LandLife en el CaixaForum

Conclusions of the workshop were presented on the 7th of November at the Auditorium of the CosmoCaixa. The main goals to achieve in the future were summarized:

•To provide a common framework for European Marine Stewardship that can be developed at the beginning as a network of marine stewardship areas or initiatives.

•Each State should create their own legislation as a first step before achieving a marine stewardship general framework.

•To raise stakeholder awareness on the marine environmental problems and the marine stewardship concept.

We would like to acknowledge the Land Stewardship Network (XCT), as well as all the panelists and assistants to the Congress.

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SubmonMarine stewardship: Setting the grounds to establish a European framework

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