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SUBMON® is a marine environmental consultancy which provides services related to the conservation, study and awareness of the marine environment.

SUBMON® is made up of a multidisciplinary team of specialists and professionals, including veterinarians, biologists, engineers, divers and teachers.

Its members have between 10 and 20 years experience working in the marine environment worldwide, adapting well to different culturla settings and working conditions.

Its network of specialized collborators of othr consultancies or academic institutions provides its clients with the best experts in each discipline.

marine environmental consultancy
marine environmental consultancy

In recent years SUBMON® has advised and carried out studies and actions for different national and international public administrations, companies, research institutes and education centres, offering maximum quality in all its projects.

SUBMON® is comitted to providing professional, cost-effective services with a local to international scope, tailored to meet the specific requirements of clients at all times.

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