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Started: September 2017 – August 2020

VIRTUE-s (Virtual Interactive Resources and Tools in Universal Education-of the Sea) is an Eramus+ funded project.

VIRTUE was born in Sweden in the 70s as a national marine school project. Based on this project, the VIRTUE-s project emerged. VIRTUE-s focuses on developing innovative, digital and practical tools to increase the quality of teaching natural sciences using ocean-based examples. It is a tool for enabling students to take initiative and carry out experiments with aquatic environments. The project provides the opportunity to take an investigative approach to one’s work, setting up experiments, carrying out measurements in the field, classroom or laboratory and interpret and report the results. Furthermore, the methodology used is simple and inexpensive: discs for fouling experiments in the sea.


  • It is suitable for all ages, from kindergarten to adult education, and it is easy to get started
  • I can be used in several subjects at school
  • It can help to establish contact with other schools around Europe
  • The tests can be carried out in both saltwater and freshwater

SUBMON is the partner in charge of the MOOC’s development, which consists on a series of Webinars on the following topics: the introduction to VIRTUE-s and its materials, marine biofouling and biodiversity, Ocean Literacy and how to organize hands-on activities in the classroom that will be held next year.

VIRTUE-s has eight partners (five scientific partners and three school partners) from Sweden, Germany, Spain, and USA. The scientific partners are the University of Gothenburg, GEOMAR, Hogskolan Vast, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science and SUBMON. The school partners are Öckerö seglande gymnasieskola, Hebbelschule Kiel and Daina-Isard.


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Funding: Erasmus +

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