3rd meeting of the European “Marine Turtle Vet Improvement” project, organized in Barcelona (Spain)

on 12 de November de 2012

Submon, in collaboration with the Wildlife Health Service (SEFaS) of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, has hosted the 3rd meeting programmed within the Leonardo da Vinci Partnerships“TurtleVet” project. Veterinarians and rescue centre managers from Croatia, Italy, Turkey and Greece took part in this meeting.

Leonardo project: group photo

Attendants to the 3rd meeting of the “Marine turtle Vet Improvement” in Barcelona

Veterinarians from wildlife rescue centres of Catalunya, as well as the technitian in charge of the Marine Wildlife Stranding Network of the Regional Government of Catalunya, took part in this meeting, learning and exchanging information with veterinarians from other parts of the Mediterranean as part of their training.

This meeting consisted on two different activities. On the one side, all attendants could present some selected interesting clinical cases from their rescue centres, followed by discussion amongst the veterinarians, and suggestions on possible treatments or diagnostic procedures.

Leonardo project: presentation of clinical cases

Presentation of a clinical case by the Greek attendant

On the other side, a practical workshop was carried out at the Wildlife Heath Service haematology lab, where all attendants had the opportunity to learn and practice the techniques needed to carry out a full hematologic analysis. After this workshop, a specific guide on haematology techniques will be put together as part of the final products of this project, and given out to all marine turtle rescue centres in the Mediterranean Sea.

Leonardo project: hematology practice at SEFaS laboratory

Moment during the practical haematology workshop at the Wildlife Health Service (SEFaS)
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root3rd meeting of the European “Marine Turtle Vet Improvement” project, organized in Barcelona (Spain)