30th Annual International Sea Turtle Symposium: “The world of turtles”

on 10 de May de 2010

From the 24th to the 30th of April, the city of Panjim (India), hosted the 30th International Sea Turtle Symposium. During these days, sea turtle specialists from all around the world had the opportunity to present their latest work, discuss about the future of sea turtles, share experiences and learn about new research techniques.

The International Sea Turtle Symposium is organized every year in a different part of the world, and is currently considered as the main event related to sea turtle conservation, research and rehabilitation. Through different oral sessions, speed presentations, video evenings, keynote talks, and posters, this congress is the perfect place to get familiar with the latest studies and research techniques being used by professionals, and with the results obtained. Regional meetings and specialized workshops allow further learning about specific topics or situations.

Two moments during the syposium, at a keynote talk (left), and during the turtle rehabilitation workshop (right).

Mariluz Parga, Head of Medicine Conservation of Submon, attended this meeting, where she presented the video on the project carried out last summer with Alnitak and NOAA in the Alboran Sea. She was also the co-chair of the workshop on turtle rehabilitation, together with Danniela Freggi and Antonio di Bello, manager and veterinarian of the Rescue Centre at Lampedusa (Italy). This workshop proved to be a great success, and helped establish the guidelines for the organization of a specialized clinical workshop in future symposiums. It also consolidated a communication forum for rescue centers, to facilitate quick access to specialists’ help in case of complicated clinical cases with sea turtles.

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root30th Annual International Sea Turtle Symposium: “The world of turtles”